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Hi there! 

My name is Aurore, I come from Paris and I am currently living there. I am what I call a “creative mind” because I just always want to create new stuff, through new medias and try new stuff. I also study design so I am a creative mind & designer. I create on different types of media between abstrait, games, seasonal products.

This place used to be my blog, in French. I opened it in July 2014, just to speak and share a little bit of my journey. But then I grew up and wanted to share my journey on this world on a different way. That is when I decided to film and document my life, but also my travelling journey because I studied at RMIT in Melbourne for six months. This is also when I decided to create a shop where I am able to share the products I am creating. 

I love sharing my creations on Instagram @auriginalite_doodles but if you want more content from my daily life you will find it on my main account @auriginalite – I also love sharing some lovely places where I eat or shop or whatever.

If you are interesting in my journey between Paris and vlogs I filmed in Australia, you can find this just below there. I also film some studio vlogs where I share with you the process of creating a shop, creating, and everything.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Coucou 🙂
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog et je vois qu’on a plein de choses en commun!
    Je vais m’empresser d’aller lire tes derniers articles, en tout cas je me suis abonnée 😀
    J’adore le titre de ton blog aha!
    PS: n’hésite pas à passer sur mon blog 😉

    1. Oooh ! Les messages comme ça me font toujours super plaisir ! Je vais me dépêcher d’aller faire un tour sur le tien 🙂

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