Switch New Horizons Sticker Flake


This is a sticker flake of the Switch New Horizons.


This is a sticker flake of the Switch New Horizons.

🖨 Printed product
For all the printed products, some colors might vary a little bit from the colors on the pictures. Within the stickers some colors might also change a little bit because everything is printed at my home studio.

🎁 Details & Packaging
This product had been designed, printed and cut at my home studio. It was printed on a glossy vinyl and its dimensions are 8 cm by 7 cm.

I highly recommend using this product on protected areas such as your laptop, under a phone case, into your journals and bullet journals, etc. All the raw materials are made in France or Europe when France was not possible. Moreover, all the packaging products are either recycled, recyclable or compostable. Let’s take care of our planet so do not hesitate to take care of this little packaging and even use it again.

Additional information

Dimensions8 × 7 cm


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